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Department of Power Engineering at VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava provides education on a university level in Bachelor, Master and Doctoral study programme both in Full – time and Combined form. The department is oriented on the practical application of latest theoretical knowledge in the field of Power Engineering.

Two department workplaces fulfill department objectives "Workplace for Diagnostics, Operation of Heat Power Equipment" and "Expert Group of Power Machines" These workplaces engage in the research, cooperate with the industrial practice and carry out various kinds of activities related with Power Engineering and Technique of Environment.

History of Power Engineering Department

The beginning of Power Engineering Department dates back into 50-ies of 20th century. Three faculties including Faculty of Mechanical Engineering were founded at VŠB – Technical University in 1951. The Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering was established at that time as a foundation for future Department of Power Engineering. Prof. Ing. Kořínek was in charge with its leadership. The department provided tuition for energy machine in metallurgical and mining companies (compressors and energy management) at all three faculties at VŠB. Some employees of General Engineering Department (tuition for hydro and thermo mechanics, power machines, measurement and regulation) became the staff of this department in 1955. The department was later renamed Department of Power Engineering, prof. Kořínek remained responsible for its leadership. The department has operated at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering under the same name till now except the period from 1956 to 1957 when it joined Department of Electrotechnics. In 1955 undergraduates of Power Engineering Department graduated from Mechanical Equipment of mines and ironworks. In 1970 a new specialization called Power Machines and Equipment was initiated from which 10 students on average graduated every year. In 1957 prof. Dr. Ing. R. Dolezal was appointed head of Power Engineering Department. At the end of 1959 he left for Czech Technical University in Prague and doc. Ing. J Dobrozemsky was nominated for a new head of the department. He ran it till 1972. From 1972 to 1976 prof. Ing. F. Patrman was the head, from 1976 to 1984 doc. Ing. F. Hradil,CSc. and then till 1986 doc. Ing. V. Podhorný. In 1986 prof. Ing. J. Dobrozemsky came back and ran the department till 1991 when he was replaced by prof. Ing. P. Kolat, DrSc. who was in charge till 2010. Since 2010 prof. Ing. Dagmar Juchelkova, Ph.D. has been head of the department.


The Power Engineering Department of VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava provides education in bachelor, master and doctoral study programme both in full-time and combined form of study. Since academic year 2001/2002, when a new concept of the fully structured study was indicated, the study system in Power Engineering Department has been changed. In the bachelor study programme, which is the first grade of university education, two specializations with a 3 - years’ standard period are available:

  • Operation of Power Equipment
  • Technique of Environmental Creation and Protection

After a successful completion of bachelor study, the academic title Bc. is conferred on graduates and they are possible to enroll at a follow-up master study programme of two years’ standard period Power machines and equipment which differs into following specializations:

  • Heat Power Equipment and Industrial Power Engineering
  • Alternative Energy and Technique of Environment Creation
  • Construction of Steam Boiler and Heat Equipment
  • Nuclear Power Equipment

The specialization Power Machines and Equipment is possible to study in doctoral study programme after the successful graduation from master study programme and passing entrance exam.

Department of Power EngineeringDepartment of Power Engineering

Quite a rich international cooperation of the faculty and the department enables the students interesting and informative study scholarship abroad. The department is accredited for the procedure of habilitation and professorial in the field of Power Machine and Equipment.

Scope of Study and Profile of Graduate

The study is generally aimed at knowledge in the field of heat and mass transfer, liquid mechanics, fuel combustion and environment technologies. The students are familiarized with the construction and operation of essential power engineering aggregates such as boilers, turbines, compressors, energy centrals, water treatment in power engineering, technologies of combustion emission minimizing, further with economy and management in the field of power engineering, alternative sources of energy environment technologies, measuring and testing of power devices. The study concerns the issue of optimal operation and management of power equipment, design of power technologies in terms of their function and impact on the environment. The harmonization of energy legislation in relation to European Union such as energy law together with legislation of power industry, an attitude to atom energy and the environment, law of energy treatment is emphasized to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of energy utilization considering environment protection. The energy management and quality control system in power engineering is lectured to affect energy consumption in the society. The students gain knowledge for design and construction of energy units and devices of environment technologies.

Department Profile

Beside the tuition, the department engages in the applied research and science project research in the field of power engineering, moreover, it offers a scope of services aimed at ecological optimizing of power machines operation.

Scope of Research Activities in the Department

  • Fuels combustion
  • Ecological exploitation of primary and secondary raw materials
  • Cogeneration units exploiting various kinds of gaseous fuels and biomass
  • Minimization of emitted gaseous and solid pollutants from energy processes
  • Utilization of alternative and renewable source of energy (wind, water, sun, biomass)
  • Diagnostics of secondary power machines – turbines, compressors and pumps
  • Applied research in combustion devices, especially, in the field of power machines of high capacity

A complete list of research activities is available via university database. The workplace number of the department is 361.

Grants and Research Projects in the Department

The department has currently engaged in many research projects granted by Czech Science Foundation, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, European Union. Their topics are aimed especially at:

  • combustion and environment
  • minimizing of pollutants emission from energy sources
  • economic and technical assessment of cogeneration units
  • combined fuels combustion
  • research in alternative sorbents
  • fuels utilization of wastewater treatment sewage
  • development of new sources of energy

Offer of Department Services

  • Warranty testing of boilers and combustion devices.
  • Diagnostics of combustion processes concentrated on efficiency augmentation of combustion devices and their reduction in harmful emission of solid particles, NOx, CO, SO2.
  • Special diagnostic methods of combustion processes in fireplace and furnace chamber of big sized boilers: (High temperature measuring simultaneously cooled by pyrometers. Temperature measuring by optical pyrometers in the area of both visible and infrared radiation. Temperature changes measuring by optical pyrometers in cooled sondes of optical fibre signal output with a possibility of sampling frequency up to 10 kHz. Gaseous sampling of combustion products cooled by sondes. Solid sampling of combustion products cooled by probes (samples of coal powder combustion).)
  • Special measuring methods of solid particles concentration (except ordinary measuring according to ČSN 124070): (Sampling of low concentration up to 1 mg.m-3. Solid particles sampling from an area of high temperature up to 1200oC carried out by a special izokinetic cooled probe with a regulation of mixture temperature output.)
  • Case study in possible modification of combustion devices to improve their efficiency, economic operation and reduce emission.
  • Diagnostics of milling devices and milling circuits: (Measuring of concentration and mass flow in two phase mixture "coal powder - carrier". Measuring of press and flow parameters in milling circuits. Pulverized coal sampling from powder pipelines by the izokinetics method. Continual measuring of pulverized coal concentration and granulation in powder pipeline – triboelectric sonde PCME Ltd. DUST 50.)
  • Emission measuring according the valid legislation in its extensive range including the calibration of continual measuring instruments.
    Contact: Dr. Ing. Bohumír Čech
  • Noise measurement – sonic apparatus.
    Contact: doc. Ing. Michael Lichý, CSc.
  • Warranty testing of turbines, compressors and feed pumps.
  • Energy audits of industry and buildings.
    Contact: doc. Ing. Kamil Kolarčík, CSc.
  • Measuring of heat, water and compressed air consumption.
  • Measuring of electrical device’s consumption to 0,4 kV above 6 kV.
    Contact: doc. Ing. Kamil Kolarčík, CSc.
  • Warranty testing of cogeneration units.
    Contact: doc. Ing. Jiří Míka, CSc.
  • Environmental impact assessment according to the Act of 100/2001 Sb.
    Contact: prof. Ing. Dagmar Juchelková, Ph.D.
  • Expert’s opinion in the field of "Engineering", branch of "General Engineering", specialization in "Power Machines".
    Contact: doc. Ing. Kamil Kolarčík, CSc.


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